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We’ve all got one friend who has no idea how to apply Fake Tan. And if you’re reading this thinking “No… All my friends look fabulous ….” Then maybe it’s YOU !! Maybe YOU’RE the badly tanned friend !!

First off , it’s about how you PREP your skin – once you’ve mastered that you’re halfway there.
Oh ! And deciding to apply it whilst having a glass of wine is also a big no no. I’ve seen more fake tan disasters walk into work on a Saturday morning after a Friday nights alcohol fuelled “I’m only having a couple of glasses at home” tanning session than I care to mention.

EXFOLIATE : this is HUGE. All areas of dryness around the arms and legs need to be smooth before expecting a good tanning result. I always wonder why people are so hesitant to exfoliate and moisturise their body – it’s like they take care of the face but from the neck down…. It’s game over.
You don’t need to spend a fortune on body products !! Check out Soap and Glory’s Flake Away -£8.00 for 30ml should keep even the dryest skin smooth and supple for a few months…

WEAR MITTS : Have you ever wondered why so many girls walk around looking like a badly dipped Wotsit ?! Streaks and uneven colour all over the place ?! Expecting to achieve an even result by using just your hands is a HUGE mistake. The ridges between your fingers are not conducive to a successful application. Plus the fact that your hands will sport a lovely Tangerine colour for the next few days. Even using protective gloves won’t improve the evenness as the finger ridges are still there. Use a flat mitt. They can be purchased at Boots for under a fiver and I promise you, once you’ve used one you’ll wonder how on earth you ever managed without.

MAINTAIN YOUR TAN : Finally, keep your eye out for build up of product which can result in patchiness. One of the worst areas for this is the neck. Believe me when I tell you that although your fellow Tan Fans will understand that your filthy neck is a result of Self Tan build up …. The person serving you in your local shop/ taking your bus fare/serving your drink at the bar , will simply think that you’re a mucky little urchin that doesn’t wash her neck.
You need to be sure that you are going back to the exfoliating process as your tan begins to fade. This will ensure the maintenance of a smooth base before you reapply your tan.







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