Lancôme Grandiose Mascara – A new Rival for Hypnose ?

So I don’t mind telling you that I was somewhat dubious when I was first introduced to the latest phenomenon which is Grandiose Mascara by Lancôme . I have worked for the brand for six years now and am a firm, loyal fan of the Original Hypnose so I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over.

With its 25% angled, Swan necked wand it DOES look a little peculiar and I don’t mind telling you that it took me a few goes to get used to it… I soon realised however, that the shape of the wand enabled a huge scoop of product when undoing the bottle – also a membrane on the inside of the bottle neck ensures that the product remains fresh and prevents any drying out.

Containing several genius polymers , one being Latex, it is easy to build but keeps your lashes soft and supple with none of the stiffness that you get from other mascaras . The funky wand allows application after application with no twisting, no swapping hands to do the other eye and best of all NO MASCARA ON THE NOSE DRAMA !!!

Priced at £24.50 it’s slightly more expensive than Lancôme’s other mascaras … But I think it’s worth it !!

Selfridges have the exclusive right now so you won’t be able to purchase this little gem anywhere else until the end of the month . Come and see me in Selfridges Exchange Manchester to give it a try !!

The results are incredible …. Take a look at my before, during and after pics :







2 thoughts on “Lancôme Grandiose Mascara – A new Rival for Hypnose ?

  1. Wow, this mascara looks pretty good!! The before and after pics are great, and the wand is a really interesting shape! I just reviewed Makeup Revolution’s mascara on my blog recently…great if you’re looking for a budget’s crazy cheap at only £2 but pretty effective! Danielle x

    frontière girl

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